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The Craft Factor was the premier publication of the Saskatchewan Craft Council, and was published quarterly for 30 years, from 1974 through 2004.

The first issue was published in the late Fall of 1974. Volume 1, Issue 1 wasn't called The Craft Factor, but rather "The Saskatchewan Craft Council Is." It was the coming out of the SCC, and included a report from the founding conference, a list of founding members and the first SCC board of directors, the call for the SCC logo competition, and a recipe section!

Over the course of thirty years, a dozen or more editors, countless contributors and the various growing pains and triumphs of one of the first provincial craft councils in Canada, The Craft Factor became the voice of craft in Saskatchewan. The publication included a wealth of information including articles on the business of craft, reviews on craft exhibitions at the SCC gallery and across the province, and reports from SCC markets and other programming initiatives, and essays on the never ending debate of art vs. craft. The Craft Factor also welcomed dialogue from members in the form of Letters to the Editor and critical articles on the state of craft in Saskatchewan, and the SCC.

Various factors led to the end of The Craft Factor, and the demise of the publication is mourned to this day. It was followed by the SCC newsletter, "The Bulletin", and in more recent history, the e-newsletter "SaskCrea8". While the existence of a newsletter allows for more immediate dissemination of timely information to the SCC membership, it doesn't leave room for the in-depth articles that were typical of The Craft Factor.

That is why we are happy to share select articles from The Craft Factor archive here on Talking Craft, every month. We have pulled these articles from the archives, in part to celebrate and share the rich history of the Saskatchewan Craft Council, but also because much of the information published remains relevant today. We also hope to revive the sense of community and dialogue that came with The Craft Factor, by sharing these articles and encouraging the readers of Talking Craft and the members of the Saskatchewan Craft Council, to carry that tradition forward.

Full issues of all 30 years of The Craft Factor are available for viewing at the Saskatchewan Craft Council resource centre at Affinity Gallery, 813 Broadway Avenue in Saskatoon. Call (306) 653-3616 ext 0 or email for more information.

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